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  • Redefining the Online Tech Interview for the AI Era

    Online interviews take over: Pandemic forces a sudden, unprepared shift The goal of a software engineering interview is to find the best candidate for the job based on their ability to show the skills and expertise needed to succeed. This helps employers make better hiring decisions and ensure they’re bringing on the best possible candidates…

  • Teams online meeting prep checklist

    Make sure your laptop computer is plugged into power. Make sure your laptop is plugged to wired-internet. If it is not possible to plug your laptop to wired-internet, make sure all other devices that use your internet at home are shut off, or you have configured your router to prioritize internet traffic from your laptop.…

  • How to @ mention people in Teams using Flow bot?

    How to @ mention people in Teams using Flow bot?

    TLDR; Steal the card JSON below and create your Flow such that it provides the Name and AAD ID of the user to be mentioned at the highlighted spot and you are good to go! ProblemLet’s say you decided to automate some workflow in your team using Flow so that it posts a message in…

  • Your teams fav playlist 🎵💗

    A fun way to allow your team to build their favorite song playlist using Teams

  • Send a notification to a Microsoft Teams user from an app

    Problem This article describes a solution for the scenario where an app needs to send a notification to a user in Microsoft Teams. Overview of the solution This can be accomplished by utilizing bot support in Microsoft Teams as illustrated in the diagram below. Bot Framework SDK sends an Activity object to the bot whenever…

  • Creating a bot for Microsoft Teams

    Overview This article presents step-by-step instructions for creating a new bot using Bot Framework and side-loading it into Microsoft Teams for testing. Let’s get started… Download the Bot Framework Visual Studio C# Bot project template using this link. Copy this zip file over to Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual C# on your machine. Create a new bot! In…

  • Reset!

    I hit the reset button on this blog and deleted all my previous posts. Time to start afresh!

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