Out of blog fatigue

Posted on November 11, 2007


  • April 26, 2007 – That’s the date I last posted to my WordPress blog.
  • April 03, 2006 – That’s the date when I last posted to my old Blogger blog.
  • 17 – That’s the number of posts I wrote in the time period that elapsed between those two dates.

A lot has happened in this time and I have learned a lot of new things. Unfortunately, I think I suffered from blog-fatigue all this time (Oh yeah, non-famous bloggers can suffer from it too). But I am planning to restart blogging. Instead of posting frequent one liners, I am going to try and post more thoughtful posts periodically (I’ll reserve the one liners for stuff happening in my life, I don’t know – we’ll see).

I will be writing about .NET but this won’t be a .NET blog per-se. I don’t think the world needs another .NET blog so I will write about how I am using it, what I have learned, things I find people misunderstand or don’t always know enough about, and new products or open-source projects that I find interesting. Hopefully the information I provide will fill some void left by other .NET blogs in the blogosphere. Moreover there’s always something new happening around .NET so if I keep on top of it, there shouldn’t be any paucity of stuff to write about.

Why am I restarting blogging?

Well I was trying to find out what can I write about that would help others and I think I have found it now, that’s why. Obviously the thing had to be something I was passionate about, if I was to continue blogging – and I think I have found that too.

I am hoping there would be more 2-way conversations on this blog through blog-comments than before. And that the post frequency would be more than about 17 / year!

So thank you for reading this post. Do check back for more!

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